Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catch-Up Time...Stitching Update

(Super framing job by The Crafty Framer in Largo, FL, by the way!)
I can finally post a couple of photos of the surprise cross stitch project. This is "Nora (Corbett)'s Letter S" which I did for my friend Susan's birthday. I was very surprised at how easy it turned out to be. There weren't nearly as many quarter 'x'es as I expected, which was nice and very little backstitching, also a good thing. The metallic thread was less of a problem than I expected. And the beads were really no problem at all. I've already started working on her "P" and plan to do the "D" and "B" next, all for birthday/Christmas gifts. Maybe even this year!


  1. And it's absolutely stunning in person. And I'm gettting the "P" ??!! Wa-hoo! Thanks, Shell.

  2. Oops, well, that cat's out of the bag, I guess. Of course, by the time I actually finish it, everyone will have forgotten about it!